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2013 US Figure Skating Championships Novice Ladies Medalists

The Novice Ladies Medalist (L-R): Amy Lin (Silver), Tyler Pierce (Gold), Bradie Tennell (Bronze), and Morgan Flood (Pewter).


Amy Lin wins silver in novice ladies at 2013 US Figure Skating Championships

It was a day of firsts for Lin — her first U.S medal and her first triple Lutz in competition. She opened her “Spirited Away” program with that element and received a positive grade of execution on it.

By Renee Felton, special to

Commentaries on Novice Ladies Short Program for 2013 US National Championships

Amy Lin, who is the youngest skater in this competition (she just turned thirteen in November), finished in second place in the short program with a score of 44.86. Like Pierce, Lin chose to skate to the soundtrack of a feature length cartoon, “Kung Fu Panda.” The gold medalist at the 2012 Pacific Regionals demonstrated a playful martial arts style that matched her music well. All of her elements received positive grades of execution. The highlight of her routine was her blazingly fast, martial arts – themed step sequence, choreographed for her by Justin Dillon and Cindy Stuart.

 by Doris Spicer Pulaski, to Ice Skating International