A Message to My Fans – 2016 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships – Taipei, Taiwan


謝謝大家上週來台北小巨蛋看我滑冰,並提供您們的支持! 我覺得非常的榮耀有這麼多愛護我的粉絲,我也特別要向那些扔給我毛絨玩具和鮮花的朋友表達感謝。我愛你們! 我感覺非常的高興和驕傲能夠有機會代表台灣參加滑冰比賽。 我希望大家繼續支持我和我未來的滑冰生涯,一路前進奧運!

林仁語(Amy Lin)



My first ISU Championship event was truly an amazing experience! But what made it truly special was that I could compete in my home country and in front of all my people and loving fans! This post is dedicated to you guys! I made sure to bring all my stuffed animals back so I could keep them as a reminder of your enthusiasm and support. Thank you so much!

P.S. Keep checking my blog for my videos from Taipei! Coming very soon….


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  1. We are so happy about your performance at 4 Continents. You looked great !

    Don’t forget, the US is your country too – and we love you just as muck on this side of the big pond !

    Robin & Mary

  2. Just wanted to say your performance at the 4 Continents Gala was my absolute favorite. Beautiful music, beautiful happy skater !

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