Reflection: The 2015-2016 Season

Well, it’s been a long year.

It’s been a long, exciting, amazing, wonderful year, and it wouldn’t have happened without all of the people that I am now lucky enough to have support me. First and foremost, HUGE thanks are in order to the Chinese Taipei Skating Union for welcoming me with open arms and doing their utmost best to accommodate my every worry and need. I know I’m not an easy person to get along with, but these people are so kind and supportive, and go above and beyond the norm to do their best for me. I couldn’t ask for a better skating federation!

Of course, a massive shout out to every single one of my fans, all across the globe and especially in Taipei! To be able to represent Taiwan in international, worldwide competitions is dream come true, and it’s truly an honor to know that I have such incredible supporters cheering me on. Without you guys, and without the Chinese Taipei Skating Union, I wouldn’t have had the chance to compete at my first Four Continents, my first Junior Worlds, and my first World Championships! Even though my performances were far from perfect, there were lots of good things about them too, and I really am looking forward to the new season.

This entire year has been indescribable – from my first senior B international to my first Junior Grand Prix, my first ISU championship event to my very first international medal – and it’s been so much fun. I’ve been to so many different places and learned so much, and I’m sure that I have even more that I can learn and experience in the future. So THANKS SO MUCH to all of you, for always supporting me! I’m so incredibly lucky to have found my place at last. It’s honestly one of the best choices I’ve ever made. And it drives me to always, always, always keep going!

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