2015-16 Free Skate

2015-16 Short Program

2014-15 Free Skate

2014-15 Short Program

2013-14 Free Skate

2013-14 Short Program

2012-13 Free Skate

2012-13 Short Program

2012 National Solo Free Dance – Junior

2012 National Showcase – Light Entertainment

2011-12 Free Skate

2011-12 Short Program

2010-11 Free Skate

2010-11 Short Program

2009-10 Free Skate

2009-10 Artistic

2008-09 Free Skate

2008-09 Artistic

  1. amy, you are so good! keep rocking and you will definitely go to the olympics one day. so…i love your long program so much and i want to know what the second half of the music is called. I know the first half is “dragon boy” from spirited away, but i don’t recognize the second half part. can you please tell me? 🙂 i love your program, skating style, jumps, everything!

    • Hi Ellie! Sorry, my coach was the one who choose my long program music this year, so I’m not exactly sure what the second half of the music is. But I wish you good luck in your search for its origin! And thank you for your support!

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